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English Programmes

Programmes are designed for Beginners, Intermediate, Higher-Intermediate and Advanced Learners. They include listening, speaking, grammar, reading and writing.

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Korean Course

Learn how to speak,listen and read in our basic beginner level. Meanwhile,our teachers will share the Korean culture,cooking and eating etiquette.

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Corporate Training

We provide the greatest value to your training program by increasing your capacity to have productive and efficient employees with measurable results.

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Mandarin Course

We have special methods to ensure you to speak the language. First level is basically focus on speaking and listening skills. Learn how to construct sentences and the correct pronunciation.

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Japanese Course

We have our unique way in teaching you to master the language. Role plays and drilling make your learning more effective and interesting.

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Motivation & Team Building

Our team building activities combine fun with a higher level of problem solving, innovation and strategic planning.

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French Course

More than 200 million people speak French these days. French is the second most widely learned foreign language after English. We give you a fun learning to pick up the language.

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Piano Lessons

Does your little one love playing the piano? We offer Piano Lessons For All Ages & Grade with Experienced and Qualified Piano Teachers.

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Company Trip For Teachers

Our trip planner for teachers is not just about having holiday from work, but it is about new discoveries and learning opportunities for them.

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About Us

LMF International Language Academy Sdn Bhd began operating in 2009, with the purpose of providing Language Training to students of all ages and nationalities.

The Academy offers Comprehensive Language Programs that cater to Elementary and High School students, late-teens pursuing a Tertiary Education, working adults, as well as housewives and retirees. The student population comprises an interesting mix of different nationalities – Malaysians, Canadians, Australians, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Koreans, Russians, Mauritians, Saudi Arabians, Yemenis, Iranians, Maldivians, Romanians, Kazakhstani and Pakistanis.


Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

This School is Amazing

LMF has a great study abroad program here, I really enjoy here, a great academic and personal experience for me

Fantastic language center & experience!

Best school for learning Mandarin that I can imagine. Highly recommend to anyone who is interested in learning and immersing themselves in Chinese language and culture.

Convenient & Comfortable

The centre is located next to Sunway Pyramid, but more importantly, the school's atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable to encourage learning.