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8 Days 7 Nights Australian Study Tour

Australian Study Tour

Experiencing Life In Australia - Melbourne


  • Cultural Exchange

Student Learn:

  • To save cost of living in Australia.
  • The importance of improving communication skills and being independent and tolerant.
  • Enhance the English speaking and listening skills. English is the ONLY language to be spoken during the trip.
  • Taking trams, reading maps, Barista coffee, English course, cooking and dessert making courses.

Mr. Siegfried Werner
  • Australian Resident
  • Tennis coach to all ages
  • 40 years experience in mentoring electrician apprentice
  • Help young adults better understand their role in society

Miss Rachel Lee
  • Founder of LMF International
  • 18 years teaching experience
  • 6 years experience as a motivational speaker for teenagers
  • Master agent of ANIBT. Australian National Institute of Business & Technology

Tour fees include air fare, accommodation, meals, transportation and all courses.


Tour Guide Certificate

Video - Australian Study Tour

Video - Australian Study Tour