LMF’s FAQ Section

Please find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about LMF’s ELearning Programmes stated below.
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Currently, we offer Business English, General English, Mandarin and Korean language programmes via e-learning. You may choose to stay up-to-date about LMF’s course developments by following our Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/LMFInternational-Language-Academy-Sdn-Bhd/131814693500456

To learn more about LMF’s face-to-face private and group classes, please kindly visit our website: http://www.lmflanguage.com.my or fill out the enquiry form in the “Contact Us” page.

The key difference is that our learners will be paired with a Personal Buddy or Mentor of their choice from the beginning of their course who will be prepared to answer questions, offer student support, as well as counsel or provide advice throughout the learner’s educational journey. One-on-one attention is guaranteed in each 45-minute Private Online Buddy Session which is conducted in a live atmosphere via free interactive video sessions using Skype or Whatsapp.

Each lesson includes an engaging tutorial, practice exercises, end of Online Buddy Session Assessment as well as an End of Term Assessment and Feedback that monitors your language progress objectively and formatively coupled with suggestions, advice and guidance on areas to improve.

This means that each learner will not only master a language passively using online materials but will study the language actively by practising their speaking skill with a real-life tutor for 45 minutes through online interface.

Visit our “How It Works” page to view LMF’s E-Learning Study Flowchart to learn more about the e-learning structure.

This depends on the type of Plan you sign up for.

Bronze Plan (1 Session): There is no certificate offered for learners who complete only 1 live online session. However, the session will be marked as successfully completed in your Student Booking History for your personal reference and you may choose to sign up for another 3 sessions to hit a minimum of 4 sessions in total to be qualified to receive a Statement of Participation providing you meet the eligibility criteria.

Silver Plan (4 Sessions): A Statement of Participation will be issued to successful candidates who attend all 4 live online sessions and completed any course work for the programme satisfactorily.

Gold Plan (8 Sessions): Students who complete a minimum of 8 live online sessions and pass the Post-Assessment Test satisfactorily will earn a Certificate of Completion which is classified into:

  • 60%-69% = Completion
  • 70%-79% = Achievement
  • 80%-90% = Distinction

Bronze Plan (1 Session):

  • Access to 1 course module of the language of your choice.
  • Access to exercises/tests if there are any for your selected language programme.
  • 1x 45-minute live Private Online Buddy Session with a Personal Buddy of your choice.

Silver Plan (4 Sessions):

  • Access to 4 course modules of the language of your choice.
  • Access to exercises/tests if there are any for your selected language programme.
  • 4x 45-minute live Private Online Buddy Session with a Personal Buddy of your choice.
  • A Statement of Participation upon successful attendance of all 4 live online sessions and satisfactory completion of any course work.

Gold Plan (8 Sessions):

  • Access to an online Placement Test for Business English & General English programmes.
  • Access to 8-12 course modules depending on the language of your choice.
  • Access to exercises/tests if there are any for your selected language programme.
  • 8x 45-minute live Private Online Buddy Session with a Personal Buddy of your choice.
  • A Certificate of Completion upon successful attendance of a minimum of 8 live online sessions and passing the Post-Assessment Test satisfactorily.

Reason for Gmail Account requirement: This is because LMF presents all online study materials via Google Classroom which can be accessed using a computer or downloaded as an app for mobile-friendly access, and this requires a Gmail Account to login and view or print.

Reason for Skype or Whatsapp Account: Each Plan grants you at least 1x Private Online Buddy Session which is conducted via live online interface using the freely available Skype or Whatsapp video call platform. You can choose to connect with your preferred Personal Buddy (tutor) using either Skype or Whatsapp, hence, our registration system requires you to fill in those details.

The expiry date for all regular Bronze, Silver and Gold Plans purchased via this Website is 12 months from the date of purchase, unless otherwise stated in a separate Corporate/Personal Package contract issued directly by LMF International Language Academy [987008X].

Selected Promo Codes entitling complimentary session[s] to selected users have no expiry date - this term may be changed at LMF International Language Academy [987008X]'s discretion without prior notice.

All plan cancellation requests must be made by e-mail to (also add CC: elearning@lmflanguage.com.my) stating the reason[s] for plan cancellation within 15 days from the date of payment to qualify for a full refund.

For plan cancellations made after 15 days but within 30 days from the date of purchase, the user will only qualify for a 50% refund. Users will not be eligible for any refunds after 30 days from the date of purchase.

Qualifying refunds, minus a USD$15 processing fee, will be issued within three[3] weeks of the cancellation request. User's preferred bank transfer details must be stated clearly and accurately in their plan cancellation e-mail to secure a successful refund.

All refunds are applicable for unused plans only - no refund will be offered for any accounts with a used session.

All sessions which are cancelled in less than 12 hours from the scheduled booking time without an acceptable reason will be forfeited. An appeal for a reimbursement of the forfeited session can be made in writing to the LMF Administrative Department at <admin@lmflanguage.com.my> (also add CC: elearning@lmflanguage.com.my) stating clear reason[s] for the short-notice cancellation and preferably with supporting documents. The decision for compensation is under LMF International Language Academy [987008X]'s sole discretion - a notice of the successful or unsuccessful status will be made via e-mail and/or phone to the user seeking an appeal.

This clause is an exception for special Corporate/Personal Packages made under a separate legal contract issued directly by LMF International Language Academy [987008X], in which case, the Terms & Conditions of that separate contract will be effective for the entire duration legally stated in that contract.

For emergency short-notice cancellations, you may choose to reach our Administrative Team via:

          Wechat: LMFacademy

          Whatsapp: +6010 3679928

          Viber: +6010 3679928

          Line: LMFacademy

          Kakao Talk: LMFacademy

          Tel: +603 5612 2335

The maximum numbers of times you can cancel your bookings depends on your purchased Plan.

  • Bronze Plan (1 Session) = 1 time maximum
  • Silver (4 Sessions) = 2 times maximum
  • Gold Plan (8 Sessions) = 4 times maximum

If you have exceeded the maximum number of cancellations for your Plan and would still like to proceed with a cancellation of your booking, please kindly contact LMF’s ELearning Department at (also add CC: admin@lmflanguage.com.my) stating your contact and booking details along with your reason[s] for cancellation.

Please kindly fill out the registration form by clicking on the “Register” button placed at the top-right side of our homepage and type in your Promo Code upon checkout.

You will not need to fill in your credit card details if you enter a Promo Code that entitles you to a completely free session[s]. However, if it is a USD$30 OFF Promo Code, for example, you will still be required to provide your Billing Information upon checkout to pay any remaining fees.