Maxi Wong

Maxi Wong
Language(s): Business EnglishBusiness English 1Business English 2Business English 3Business English 4Business English 5Business English 6Business English 7Business English 8Business English 9Business English 10Business English 11Business English 12Conversational English 2MandarinMandarin Level 1 (Beginner)Mandarin Level 2Mandarin Level 3Mandarin Level 4Mandarin Level 5Mandarin Level 6

I’m an enthusiastic lecturer who has been teaching Mandarin, English and Malay for more than 10 years. I had a real passion on languages learning and coaching! It all began with a passion. I always believe that languages are the bridges for cross cultural communication. We didn’t all come in over on the same ship, but we’ve all in the same boat. We can break the barriers of communication through languages in one condition. That’s passion!

I started up as a Proof Reader in China Press during teens. Besides that, I love music, singing, drawing and Chinese calligraphy as well. I learned and improved my languages through singing, movies watching and music listening ever since I was a child. I’ve been loving languages ever since I could remember. I’ve picked up a little bit of Arabic, Japanese and Spanish throughout my life. 

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